Tuesday, February 1, 2011


**this was suppose to post this morning...better late than never!***

so, some of you may remember that mymicahel and i took a european vacation this past july.  you probably also remember that it has taken me F O R E V E R to actually post pictures.  i took over 3,000 photos!  i have posted some photos of both london and paris {here also}, so now for a few of rome.  

rome was my favorite out of the three cities.  while they were all fabulous, there was just something about rome.  i think i could live there for a while. 

okay, so by the time we finally arrived in rome we had been on an awful italian overnight train that broke down, had no air conditioning, and ran out of food.  we were starving!  as soon as we got to the hotel, paid for air conditioning, and showered we were ready for some italian grub.  now, for those of you that know me, know i am not a wine drinker.  unfortunately i just haven't aquired the taste...yet.  BUT you would be proud b/c i actually liked the wine we had at dinner that night.  it *might* have been because i was so freaking hungry that anything and everything tasted good, you never know!

ahhh...the trevi fountain....

hundreds of people just casually standing around the fountain while enjoying the evening.  love it!

gelatto....worth the trip to italy

the spanish steps

that's all for now...blogger picture uploader is NOT working well. 

must be the thunder sleet storm that's going on outside right now.....say warm!

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