Thursday, February 10, 2011

how to make a roux

i hate it when i get out of the habit of daily blogging!  i was doing so well, and then i's a slippery slope once you miss one day.  anyways, hopefully i am back on track! 

a couple of weeks ago i posted soup recipes and one of them is my favorite, full moon cafe tortilla soup.  for that soup you have to create a roux that helps thicken up the soup.  sometimes making a roux can be tricky, so i have decided to post some tips and photos showing what your roux should look like for the tortilla soup.
this roux is made of 1/2 cup butter and 3/4 cup flour.

my #1 tip for this is......USE A WHISK!!!!

cut your butter into chunks and melt in a small sauce pan

once butter is completely melted, add half of the 3/4 cup of flour, and whisk to incorporate.  this is something that you do continuously...don't try and multi-task while doing this!  once the first half of the flour is incorporated, add the second half and continue whisking....

your roux should look like this when you have just incorporated all 3/4 cup of your flour.  continue whisking!

you will see that continuing to whisk gives youa nice smooth, thick consistency.  you can even see some bubbles starting to pop up if you look behind the whisk below.  you must whisk constatly!  you do not want this to burn!  once you have the consistency that is shown below {smooth and when you pull your whisk up some of the roux stays on the whisk} then you are done making the roux.

the next step for the soup is to pour the roux into the boiling pot of chicken can see how it is pretty thick

once you have poured the roux into the chicken broth, then whisk until it is incorporated.

and that is what your roux should look like for your full moon cafe tortilla soup!

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