Friday, February 11, 2011

super cute find

while surfing the web one day i came across this adorable company, le papier studio.  they specialize in working with silhouettes.  as soon as i saw this, it made me think my families trip to disney world... 

when me and kj were little, my dad won a vacation to disney world.  it was awesome, everything was paid for, including the rented convertable.  you know how most theme parks have all sorts of "street vendors" that bug you along the way?  well, my parents were pretty much immune to anything they had to offer, except for one.  there was a man who would cut your silhouette out of black paper.  he didn't trace anything, you sat on a stool and he had these tiny little scissors that he would use to cut out your silhouette, simply by looking at your profile!  he was quite talented and definitely deserved whatever ungodly price he was asking!  to this day, my mother still has our disney world silhouettes on a book case in her house.  it's a great, unique, and classy way to capture the essence of someone you love. 

when i stumbled upon le papier studio, immediately fell in love with all of their different products.  here are a few of my favorites...

adorable calendars!  these could be framed and used as art, LOVE them!

fun plates.  this would be great on a wall in a collage with other random frames, art, etc.  makes me want to ride on a vespa.

coasters.  love how the graphics are so simple and crisp.

jewelry.  who knew?  you can choose from some of their silhouettes or have them do a custom silhouette.

just a few favorites that i saw.  many of their products would be great valentine or mothers day gifts!

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