Wednesday, February 2, 2011


welcome to beautiful capri...

where it is warm and sunshiny{unlike oklahoma right now!}

this was our greek tour guide...he was quite a hoot!

we went to capri to see the "blue grotto".  from rome we took a bus to naples and from there a ferry to the island of capri.  once we got to capri we took a boat to the area where the blue grotto is.

then we had to climb into little row boats {4 people + 1 local rower} that would take us into the blue grotto cave. 

my favorite photo of chris....through the legs of our rower!

waiting to go into the blue grotto....can you see the little hole in the center of the pic?  the rower is leaning back to pull the boat into the cave.  yea...only a small percentage of the time can you even get into the blue grotto b/c the tide is too high.  i was super nervous b/c i had my brand new camera with me!  i had a hard time deciding...take it in or leave it on the larger boat?  i took it.  i was holding onto it like it was gold and saying, out loud, "please let my camera be okay, please let my camera be okay". 

here is the view inside the blue grotto.....the way the sunlight hits inside the cave makes it glow bright blue.  it is beautiful!  and all turned out camera casulties, thankfully!

the marina at capri

headed up to anacapri

the view from anacapri loooking down on capr.  beautiful island!  from up here we could see mount vesuvius, which is where pompeii is.

and here is what happens when you have been on a bus too long...and you are bored....and have a great 16mm wide angle lens to play with...FUN TIMES!!!


  1. Changes to the blog look amazing! Love these pictures from Capri too. You are making me want to go there SO BAD!

  2. Love the new look and thanks for the beautiful Warm looking pictures to dream about as a sit at home again!


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