Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh my...

this weekend i was at the mall with one of my good friends, ashley, who has an adorable little girl who is 9 months old.  every store we went into we found ourselves drooling over all over the children's clothes.  at gap, i just about couldn't help myself.  the cuteness was beyond overwhelming!  one thing is for sure, when mymichael and i have kiddos, local retailers had better watch out.  it will be bad...oh so bad. 
these clothes were so cute and i just kept thinking how cute some little toddler would look in photos.  many times moms ask, "what should we wear for our photos?"  well, these days you can pretty much walk into any children's store, throw a dart and land on something cute.  but, i thought it would be fun to put together some toddlers outfits that would be adorable for photos.
a few tips:
#1  layers!  the more layers the better!
#2  mix and match patterns.  don't be afraid to mix it up.  the key is to select two patterns that are completely different, but have coordinating colors.  you don't want to pair two sets of stripes together, but you could definitely pair stripes and polka dots, or stripes and plaid.
#3  when putting together an outfit for a kiddo, think in terms of, "would i wear this?"  nothing is cuter than a munchkin that is dressed like a miniature adult.  their outfit should reflect their personality, which many times reflects the parent's personalities as well.
#4  don't be afraid of color!  color is so playful and fun on kiddos....use it! 

okay, now onto the toddler outfits.
you can begin

this is the toddler trench coat that i almost walked out of the store with.


you can drool over more outfits like this at gap.  amazingly cute stuff....go check it out...and for the love...please buy something and tell me about it!

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  1. Love all these outfit ideas! I'm a sucker for Gap. I've been tempted several times to buy the lavender/gray sleeveless shirt with the rosettes for Kate. Love it!


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