Friday, February 4, 2011

snow time!

we have snow, and the most snow....ever in tulsa!  it is quite amazing at the amount.  no, if you live up north you wouldn't think 13"+ is all that much, but here it is a ton!  it literally shut the entire city down.

i grew up going skiing, so i love the snow.  as soon as i hear we are getting some, i immediately want to go sledding and have fun in it.  but, the key to having fun in the snow is bundling up in the correct winter clothes!  you can't go out in your regular clothes and expect to have fun and stay warm.  not gonna happen.  so, here is my gear for playing in the snow...

sweater leggings
long underwear top & bottom
wool sock liners
thick wool socks
waterproof ski pants
long sleeve shirt
fleece hoodie
down coat
glove liners
waterproof ski gloves
waterproof boots

yea, it's a lot, but it is sooo worth it!  we were outside yesterday for close to 4 hours and my body wasn't cold at all.  even if you never go skiing, you would benefit from having these items at least once or twice a year in oklahoma.  it might even make you like snow a little more!

the north face boots below are fabulous.  they are super warm and waterproof.  they also have a funny story.  back when we lived in dallas, one christmas mymichael's dad asked him what i would like for christmas.  mymichael told him that i would like a pair of hiking boots.  really?  hiking boots?  when he told me this, i was a little bit confused.  you see, hiking boots would NOT be the first thing that i would ask for!  boots, sure, but hiking?  i don't think so.  but, since mymichael had already told him that, i decided to go with it.  instead of getting plain hiking boots, i decided on some good winter "hiking" boots.  and i'm glad i did.  even though they aren't worn all the time, they still come in super handy during these times!

my boys...

now, once you get on all those layers, you may look like the michelin man, but that's okay, right?




a huge chunk of ice and snow!

i think oscar likes the snow!

i'm hoping we have no leaks in the roof...

sledding fun.  if you are in tulsa and want some serious sledding, head to 111th & yale.  there is a huge retention pond.  i wouldn't suggest for young's pretty steep!  dad, me, & mymichael getting ready to head down

it was freaking cold...18 degrees!

the "slopes"

happy snow days!

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  1. Love the snow pictures! Remi loves the snow too and she had a great time!
    This is random, but on a blog that I follow she bought an external flash and really likes it and did a review on it...

    Stay warm!


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