Thursday, November 19, 2009

crafty ideas

i wish i was more of a "crafty" person.  i always see things and think, "that is so cute and i could so make that"....but rarely do i actually tackle the project. 

for instance....i have a super cute chair at my house that i found at a garage sale in guthrie a couple of weeks ago.  with a change of upholstery it would be perfect.  but i haven't gotten that far yet, so it sits in my living room screaming at me everytime i look at it! 

anyways...i was browsing a couple of blogs that i frequent and came across these pictures....

{found here at smile and wave}

click here

and here

and here

and here

are these not adorable?  i'm not a big fan of cheesy decorations, but these are vintagy {which i'm really digging right now} and just plain cute.  the first one that i found on smile and wave is quite a bit too tedious of a job for me.  i like the idea of using an old shirt or something, but the whole hand stitching aspect just doesn't work for me.  that's why i love the next's yarn!  they are super, super cute.  i also love the felt flowers that are one them...i need to check etsy on those.  i think i might actually attempt one...we will see...they would be cute christmas gifts!

any easy crafty projects that you are working on?

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  1. I give up! If you don't think YOU are crafty enough - there is ZERO hope for me. ;)

    Wish I could say I was working on a crafty project... I'm making a baby - FROM SCRATCH... That counts, right??


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