Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy birthday grandma!

today is my sweet grandma's birthday!  she is one of the best grandma's you could find. 

my sister and i loved going to the farm growing elementary school we would miss if not all fridays, everyother friday to visit grandma and grandpa.  we would meet half way between tulsa and poteau at "biscuit hill" {i'm not sure if that is really the name or what we came up with....i should investigate that...} for the drop-off to grandma & grandpa. 

mom tells me that the first night i was home from the hospital i actually slept with grandma.  or at least i slept and grandma stayed awake afraid i would stop breathing! 
when i was either 2 or 3....old enough to talk...i called grandma at her work and told her to come pick me up.  her being the awesome grandma that she was, marched into her boss's office and told him she was leaving early to go pick up her granddaughter in tulsa.  when she was on her way she called my parents and told them she was almost at the house to pick me say the least they were a little surprised! 

you see, the saying "what happens at grandma's, stays at grandma's" is quite true.  the grandkids all started driving when we were around the age of 8 or so.  it started out "small" on the 3-wheeler and we gradually...or not so gradually...worked our way up to the awesome old jeep they had, then the farm truck or whatever random vehicle grandpa had that month, and then finally they would let us drive their truck on the road around the age of probably 12 or so.  i vividly remember one afternoon driving down the road to their house, down their driveway and then going to park under their carport that is right outside the den.  i pulled in nice and slow and was doing great until i went to go just a little farther and my "tap" on the gas peddle was a little harder than expected and i rammed the truck into the den wall.  luckily it wasn't too hard, but i was freaking out.  grandma simply said, "i think that's good enough", got out of the car and that was it.  and i still got to drive!  gotta love the grandma's and the grandpa's!!!

she is a great cook, crafty sewer/quilter, amazing gardner and loves her family to pieces!

i'm so happy i can call her grandma!

hope you have a fantabulous day!!!

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  1. what great stories of your grandma! thanks for sharing. she does indeed sound fabulous...i might have to adopt her since my grammy lives so far away!


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