Monday, November 9, 2009

a quick bed makeover

here recently i have been wanting to do something different with my bed.  back when mymichael and i first got married i found some fabric that i loved and made curtains and pillows with it.  i have kept the pillows and simply changed the comforter to give it a different look. 

this was our bed at our apartment in can see the green and white pillows on the back.  i loved the fabric b/c it reminded me of something that West Elm would have and i love West Elm.  design tip:  look for creative ways to use everyday items....the white throw pillows with the leaf pattern...the fabric is actually a napkin from Crate & Barrel!  they are the perfect size to fit IKEA's feather throw pillows.  I used 4 napkins total for the two pillows, the front are the leaf pattern and the back is a stripe pattern. 

when we moved back to tulsa and bought a house i changed the comforter to a chocolate brown, kept the green pillows.  you will also notice that the bedroom color is blue instead of green {i secretly miss the green walls.....i love green!}

you will find that i grow tired of things pretty quickly and want a change...we have only been in our house 2 years and i have been itching to find something different...but not so different that i would have to repaint.  this weekend we were in stillwater and i   h i t   t h e   j a c k p o t!  i will go into more detail about the "jackpot" in another post, but here is what i ended up with...multiple patterns...light and airy....

all i will say is   a n t h r o p o l o g i e .  Stay tuned to hear about the "jackpot"!

i like all three beds...they are similar b/c of their color palette, but it's nice to be able to change it up when you get tired of the same old thing.  if you have a piece or two that you absolutely love that's awesome and you shouldn't have to give them up to get a different look. 
think about different colors/patterns/textures that you could use to give it a fresh new look!


  1. Will you please come redecorate my house...please, please, please!!! :)


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