Monday, November 2, 2009

trunk or treat

this year instead of doing a fall festival, our church chose to do a missional "trunk or treat" at two different apartment complexes.  i got a call on wednesday from my dad asking if mymichael and i could take their place.  i agreed and after the fact googled "trunk or treat" only to find out, it's not just handing out candy from your trunk, but people decorate their trunks and then get dressed up themselves.  so, not wanting to disapoint any trunk or treater, i started brainstorming on ideas.  the rest of the day wednesday i thought about it...all day thrusday...went looking/brainstorming friday on my lunch and still had NO clue what to do.  i had picked up a cute witches hat at wal-mart wednesday night.  after work on friday i was talking with a co-worker and somehow between the two of us, the idea came......the trunk would be "the withches brew".  complete with a jars of nasty food that would go into my yummy stew.  i headed straight to the dollar store to get my supplies.  7 clear plastic jars, vienna sausages, spaghetti and meatballs, canned mixed vegetables, gummy worms, garbanzo beans, and plasticky weird looking toys.  let me just say, it was pretty fun mixing everything together....water, food coloring and oil can do all kinds of fun things!  check it out....

starting from the top left:  gummy worms in water with a floating dinosaur, spaghetti & meatballs AKA brains, weird green plastic thingy w/ gummy worms, mixed vegetables & habanero peppers, vienna sausages AKA fingers, weird platic thingys in water, garbanzo beans w/ blue water AKA snake eyes.....

so with the trunk decided upon i only had to turn myself into a witch....i'm totally not into the scary halloween stuff, so pardon my not so scary witch attire:

now onto the adorable kiddos.  we had quite a few show up.  after it was all said and done, i am pretty sure most of them went home with 3 pounds of candy.....not sure that's the best idea, but's halloween!

aren't they cute!  after our trunk or treat, which ended at 5:00, mymichael and i retired to being old fogies...we went to dinner and to a movie.  hope everyone else had a fun evening!!!


  1. super cute! everything turned out awesome!

  2. You look like you should be in a costume catalog! :) Looks like so much fun - I'd never heard of trunk or treating either.


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