Friday, November 6, 2009

recipe {fried green tomatoes}

this year mymichael and i planted a garden for the first time & it did relatively well. we platend our tomato plants a little later than suggested, so we have gotten quite a few tomatoes in the last few weeks. we were afraid it was going to freeze a week ago so mymichael went ahead and picked a bunch of the green tomatoes so they wouldn't be ruined. quite a few have started to turn red but we still have a bunch that are a beautiful green. mymichael was raised eating fried green tomatoes from his grandma...i however wasn't. i have made them a few times since being married and they are always yummy.  the green tomatoe is a little tart and the coating is's a great combo!  with a table full of green tomatoes i decided it was time to do some more. usually i fry them with a cornmeal batter, but this time i changed it up a bit and we have now found our favorite way of doing them....

panko bread crumbs {found in the chinese/japanese section of your grocery store}
green tomatoes
salt & pepper

-slice your green tomatoes 1/4" thick or so
-in one bowl beat two eggs
-in a second bowl combine flour and panko bread crumbs, salt & pepper
-dip tomatoe in egg bowl, coat well
-dip egg coated tomatoe into panko/flour bowl, coat with mixture completely
-fry in oil until golden brown, as soon as you take out of the pan, sprinkle with salt

if you have never used panko bread crumbs, you have got to try them.  they give a great crunchy texture.  you can use them when frying anything....chicken, crab cakes, shrimp, etc.  they are a great replacement for regular bread crumbs.  i have also used them when baking chicken...coat like you are going to fry and then bake instead, it gives you that fried texture that we all love!

we give this recipe

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