Friday, November 13, 2009

one of two things...

wednesday afternoon i got a call from one of my best friends.  we hadn't seen eachother in awhile and she wanted to hang out.  i asked, "what do you want to do?" and instead of getting the normal, "oh, i don't know, whatever" response that both her and i give, i got this response..."well, one of two things..."  this obviously peaked my interest and asked, "so, what are the two things that we have to choose from?". 

now, i need to preface all of this by saying that this girl has literally been through hell and back this year.  i don't know how she is doing what she's doing now {work & school} and still sane {especially considering that she works with a bunch of "crazies" disrepect intended}.  she has come a long way in a year and i am so excited for what her future holds! 

now back to the story....the first option was getting her nose pierced and the second option was getting a tattoo.  she wanted to do something for her and she has wanted both for a while and in the past wouldn't go through with it for one reason or another.  so, we decided to meet at the tattoo shop, that could do both the piercing or the tattoo, and she would decide there. 

once we got there it was pretty obvious to me that she was leaning more towards the tattoo.  she is quite afraid of the piercing guns....she pierced her own ears when she was younger........strange how a gun freaks her out yet her pushing a needle through her ear is no problem!!!  so, the tattoo it was.  she already knew exactly what she wanted and pretty much what she wanted.  the actual tattooing took maybe 10 minutes.  the guy was quite interesting/entertaining and it was a fun experience.  i am sure when she asked me to come she didn't expect me to take a hundred pics....but i did....because why?  that's what friends are for! 

this is the....."am i really doing this?" look

she was super excited about the final outcome and i'm so happy she went for it.  some people may not be that hip on tattoos and that's fine.  but seriously people....there are much worse things than a tattoo....and if it makes you feel better about something, makes you remember something special, stands for something then just do it...who cares.  the awesome part about where she got hers is that if she ever needed it to not show then all she has to do is wear a bracelet!

yay for you whit!

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  1. what a cool thing! tell whitney it looks awesome...i'm sure there is a great story behind the crown. she is more brave than me, i am way too chicken to get one...what a great friend to go and be there with her.


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