Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a family weekend

this past weekend my parents and i went to visit my sister in stillwater.  she moved back there a few months ago and wanted help redoing some of her furniture and stuff.  i drove down after work on friday and we helped her paint one of her dressers black, dad refinished her table top, ate at a new mexican restaurant, went to wal-mart, and then mom and kj made some awesome soft sugar cookies simply to prove to kj's boyfriend, dublin, that the best sugar cookies are NOT the ones at wal-mart that have a 1/4" of icing on the top.  i think we convinced him that he was very wrong.  it was fun getting to spend time with the whole had been awhile.  oh...kj also had an awesome long, thick brown wig that both her and i could only   w i s h   to have hair like!

yea...i'm looking into extensions....what do you think???

saturday, after starbuck's {why did starbucks have to come to stillwater after i was there???}, we went to wall's bargain center and discovered lots of goodness that you read about yesterday.  then we headed to the town of guthrie, in search for cool old stuff.  we didn't find much, but we did have fun.

my dad who stayed in one store while we made to all the stores on the street...yea...he's a little slow...=)

would have been a great family picture if i was in it.....photoshop maybe?

i headed back to t-town saturday evening for birthday dinner with sarah & dave.  then on sunday i spent all day getting ready for birthday dinners for my dad, my grandpa & my grandma.  all of our birthdays fall between september 8th & november 25th.  i always make a birthday dinner as part of my gift to them.  since we were celebrating 3 birthdays, the menu was interesting:

creole shrimp & sausage stew {seafood for dad and grandpa}
crab cakes {for dad and grandpa}
fried chicken {for grandma...she won't touch seafood with a 10 foot pole}
bacon mac {a new macaroni & cheese recipe that wasn't as good as our family's recipe...but was worth the try}
corn on the cob
lemon cake {provided by my mother...the queen of all things baked}

it was all yummy and we felt 50 pounds heavier after finishing. 

aren't they cute?

and here's a pic to prove that my hot husband, mymichael was around for the festivities!

so, it was a jam packed weekend of family fun!  it's great when you have an awesome family!!!

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