Friday, November 20, 2009

mom & dad {couple pics}

saturday i took pictures of my parents.  these are probably the first "couple" pics they have had taken since their wedding {i might be exaggerating a little}!  dad's birthday was in October and one of his gifts is a big pic of him and mom framed.  Also, dad's church is getting ready to launch a new website and he needed a good headshot for it.  it was lots of fun and the weather was perfect!  check them out....

i think the pictures turned out great and it was lots of fun.....many laughs!  this december they will have been married 30 years!  congratulations and thanks for letting me take some will be nice to have an updated photo of you two! =)

love you!


  1. They are so cute....I love the ones of their hands for some reason. Great job!

  2. love them! your parents are so fabulous!


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