Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thanksgiving break!

i am outta here!
for me thanksgiving break officially starts....n o w...and continues until monday, november 30th at midnight.  i am stoked and so ready to have a few days off. 
tomorrow i am getting my hair did {and it needs it oh so bad}...
thursday we leave for mymichael's dad's for thanksgiving lunch...
after lunch we head to branson to get in the christmas spirit! 
woo hoo...nothing like christmas time at silver dollar city

if you haven't ever gone, you really need to.  growing up we went every year with my grandparents.  two years ago was the first time for mymichael and i to go...just us and we had a blast.  there are a million lights,
a huge tree,

cheesy christmas show, carolers in the streets,

and we can't forget the awesome food:
homemade potato chips at hatfield's tater patch
succotash at buckshot annie's skillet cookery
funnel cakes at flossie's fried fancies
kettle corn
salt water taffy
hot wassil
hot chocolate
snow balls at the saloon {hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream}
and the list can go on and on
so, when i get back i may be 20 pounds heavier, but it will so have been worth it!!!

oh, we are also going to the dixie stampede.  mymichael has never been...it's been years for me...so it should be fun!  and you can't forget about the shopping...lots of outlet malls and branson landing...i've got one day of shopping set aside...poor mymichael.  there is a bass pro shop, so that will help. 
man, i think i should totally get paid for all this advertising!  branson, branson, branson! 

hope everyone has a happy holiday with their family and friends!

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