Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 special birthday's

yesterday was my grandpa jim's birthday.  this man is about as good as they come.  you will never have an empty glass at his dinner table, he is an awesome gardener, he loves working with his hands and on his farm, he is a hard-working, overachieving man that has a family that loves him tremendously!

happy birthday   D A D !

today is my dad's birthday!  happy happy birthday to the BEST dad in the world!!!!  this man is the life of any party, a true optimist, fun loving, would do anything for you kind of guy.  for all you dad's out there with little girls, here's what you have to look forward to doing with her:  playing with barbies in a custom built barby house, building a pink and white playhouse in your backyard, shopping for prom dresses, shopping for wedding dresses, shopping for...well....really anything, redecorating her room in accordance to how she wants it all pink or lime green and black, waking her up for school each morning w/ "good morning beautiful, it's time to get up" and giving her unconditional love and hugs!

happy birthday to 2 of the best guy's in my life!

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