Monday, October 26, 2009

sarah's reception

so, friday was the big day...sarah and dave's wedding reception.  prior to friday we had done lots of baking, freezing and prep work to try and make friday go as smooth as possible...which it did for the most part....except running late on just about everything.  But isn't that how a typical wedding day goes? 

friday morning sarah and her sister came over to my place.  we had to get 75 cupcakes out of the freezer and frosted, pumpkin bars out of freezer so they could be cut and put in cup cake holders, and decide how the "dessert bar" was going to be set up that evening.  a lot to do before 1 'o' clock when we were suppose to pick up 200 {yes, 200} milk cartons for their wedding favors.  here are some of the goodies getting ready to be loaded....

unfortunately in the midst of getting everything set up i failed to take any pics of the dessert bar before it got too dark to NOT use my flash.  bummer...but here are some snap shots anyways.  it turned out adorable.  i think this would be a great idea for a birthday party, halloween party....really anything.  i love all the color!

sarah & lindsey.................kelsi & sarah

me & friends since 7th grade!  wow, that's a long time!

sarah, carissa, lauren & me

me & my sis w/ the bride

chek out the mini door...isn't it cute???

great idea for a guest book....have disposable cameras available for everyone to take self portraits of themselves.  then you put them in a cute photo album and can flip through to see everyone who attended your special event!  so much better than a bunch of signed names!

1 of the 200 milk cartons!  dave loves chips ahoy cookies and milk, so their wedding favor was a clear baggy with 3 cookies, a cute little tag with the wedding date {wish i had a pic b/c it was adorable!} and then a carton of milk.  very personalized and cute!  if anyone needs milk for the next week or so give sarah a call b/c she has a bunch left!!!  the reception was a blast and so laid back, thanks dave & sarah for a great night & congrats on 6 months of marriage!

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