Monday, October 5, 2009

fair time!

each year i get super excited about the fair.  and unfortunately, we haven't been since we moved back to tulsa {almost 3 years now}, so you can only imagine at how excited i was that the tulsa state fair started last week!  unlike texas, this fair only lasts a couple of weeks, so you've got to jump on it while you can.  we decided to go friday night and luckily our super duper friends, sarah and dave were able to join us as well!

now, i must confess that really the only reason i like going to the fair is to eat fair food.  yes, i know, i pay $10 to get into the fair to then spend another $50 or so on food.  but there is just something about this greasy food that i only eat once a year and is so fabulous! is a tour of the tulsa state food!

{that sucker was H O T!  Dave was the man and took it!}

                           {the only saving grace is that we did share everything....}

{just call me cave was actually michael's, but it was one of the best that i've tried...freshly smoked}

greek gyro                                           apple fries
and a couple that i didn't snap pics of...a crawfish thingy that dave and michael was tasty and finally fried green tomatoes.  i wasn't lying....we went to eat! 

Between eating we did see a few other things....

we learned where out milk comes from & we saw some pretty cute animals...

we had a great time and closed the fair down at 11!

me & sarah

me & mymichael

hurry and get to the fair before it ends.  i have heard rumor that the aussie fries are super good...totally missed them...maybe next year!

1 comment:

  1. Shame on you for living in Tulsa and not going to the fair!
    PS The Aussie Fries were awesome. The Chocolate Covered Bacon was not.



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