Thursday, October 22, 2009

making pretzel sticks with friends

so the past couple of weeks have been trial periods for sarah's reception dessert bar.  sarah and dave got married in march...a small wedding with only family and a couple of friends.  friday night is their big "celebration" as sarah has been calling it.  instead of having another wedding cake, they decided to have a dessert bar with cupcakes and candy and all sorts of yummy sweets.  in preparation of this dessert bar we have all been trying out different recipes and such to decide exactly what they want. 

one week i made 3 different recipes of chocolate cupcakes {you can see one of the results here} to see which one she like best, then i made cake balls to try those out, and last night we made pumpkin bars and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.  it was great fun spending time with sarah and lindsay cooking and chatting away in sarah's new much fun!  so, here are some pics of the yummy pretzel sticks!

{fyi:  these are soooo simple....pretzel sticks, almond bark & sprinkles....melt the almond bark and dip/spoon/drizzle it over the pretzels then sprinkle...we used a mesh cooling rack to stick the pretzels in so they could stand up to dry...aren't they cute???}

oh, i almost forgot, dave was the super cool husband who brought us taco bueno, ran errands and then put together wedding favors............while watching rocky of course!

now, isn't that a nice hubby???
thanks for a great night ladies!

1 comment:

  1. JEALOUS, party of 1!!!!!

    One of the MANY reasons I wish we lived in Tulsa. :(

    I'm glad you girls had fun! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow.


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