Friday, October 9, 2009

cornbread...oh how i love thee....

there are some musts when it comes to making cornbread:

1.  you must have a cast iron skillet
2.  you must put oil in the skillet and then into the oven to get very, very hot before you pour the cornbread into the skillet

if you don't follow these two very important rules, then in my book...and my have NOT made cornbread!  i have seen some cornbread made in cake pans and that just does not cut it.  if you have never made cornbread this way, you better try it this week b/c i promise that you will fall in love!

here's how you make the best cornbread ever....
-choose a cornbread mix...i happen to love jiffy 
-mix ingredients according to the package that you choose.
-pour cooking oil into a cast iron skillet, enough to coat the bottom
-place skillet in oven, w/ just the oil in the bottom, while the oven preheats to 350/400 degrees
-after quite a few minutes pull skillet out and pour cornbread mix into should see bubbling around the edge of the skillet from the hot oil....this is goooooood.
-bake according to package directions, or until cornbread is is a golden/light brown color.

this folks is what the bottom of the cornbread should look stinkin' good!  if you are like mymichael, then you will follow with butter and either honey or sorghum over the cornbread.  i simply prefer butter.
go try it...tonight!

we give this:

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  1. this sounds amazing! i think i have had it at your house...i think i need a cast iron skillet now. yum-o


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