Thursday, October 1, 2009

great website find!

i stumbled upon a new website today, serena & lily {}, and it is great!  they have everything from bedding to furnishings and paint.  really great style, some modern, some vintage, and some in between.  i love the colors they use, very fresh.  here are some of my favorites from the site....

i LOVE the grey wall and how the light colors pop off.  it is very natural and calming.  also the pendant fixtures are amazing, my eyes go to those first, the natural good!  i could totally curl up in one of those beds and have a good read...or nap!

A D O R A B L E  boy nursery!  i cannot stand the typical red/blue combo that is always associated with boys!  i mean, who decided those were the main colors for boys?  blue and orange are complimentary colors {a post some day about complimentary colors} and therefore look fabulous together.  i also love that it's not the primary blue and orange...they are lighter and brighter making the room feel very airy.  also...the combo on the crib, white AND wood.  adds interest and isn't so traditional.  finally, the graphics/shapes are so simple and yet make a huge statement.  you have the organic tree like shape on the wall, the simple {not cheesy} animal shapes on the crib bumper and then the rigid lines on the crib that are very prevalent.  it all goes together so nicely! 

my F A V O R I T E S about this girl nursery are:  #1 the chair....i love the button tufts, it is very vintage looking but the upholstery color gives it a hip feel.  #2 the screen....the geometric pattern wouldn't typically be found in a nursery, but the color they chose gives it a completely different feel.  #3 the floor.....the wood floor warms up the room immediately.  if it was standard carpet it certainly wouldn't feel the same.  the orangy hue plays off the light blue chair and crib fabric {again with the complimentary colors!}.  #4 the green art pieces w/ the whispy trees.  they are simple and make a statement that ties in nicely with the crib bedding.
Hmmm....looks like i named pretty much everything in that nursery....
to top it off, i would put a cute chandelier w/ crystal somewhere!

this photo is G R E A T.  the chair is awesome {sarah...this reminds me of the chairs we found for your living room!  you need them!} with its button tufted back and turned front legs.  i love the color ful blankets and how they play off the neutral chair. 

if only i was organized!  i like this simply for the colors and patterns...cute pic.

G R E E N  is my favorite color...i love the white design and it's just cute.  i don't have a kid to carry around in it....i wonder if oscar would mind???

so, just a few favorites from serena & lily....they are pretty pricey, but it's a great source of inspiration.  you could easily get the same looks for a much less expensive price tag.  keep your eyes and mind open!  whose to say those pendant fixtures in the first photo aren't actually waste baskets turned upside down and made into a light fixture?????????? 
you never know!

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  1. Hmm....quite a few BABY posts. TWO nurseries AND a baby sling. Anything you want to tell me girl???


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