Thursday, October 8, 2009

cupcake time

my friend sarah is having a wedding celebration in a couple of weeks and has decided that she wants to have a dessert bar with cupcakes.  we figured saturday would be the perfect time to try out a recipe and also have yummy treats at carissa's party that night.  we decided to try out the magnolia bakery chocolate cupcake recipe and then use white mountain frosting with sprinkles.  now, the magnolia bakery is pretty well known, it's a bakery in new york city...their cupcakes have been made famous on sex & the city and other movies.  you typically have to wait in a line when you go to the bakery....which by the way is adorable.  so anyways, here are some of our pics while making cupcakes.....

the white mountain frosting that we chose to ice the cupcakes with is an old recipe.  it was used back in the day before powdered sugar had been invented.  it is a super light and very tasty...not too sweet...type of icing.  the downside to it is that it has to be refrigerated fairly soon after icing if you are not eating immediately.  the longer it sits in the fridge, the harder it gets.  so, we may not actually be able to use it for the wedding celebration b/c we wouldn't want it to be hard...we will see.  we are going to do some more testing this weekend. 
the cupcakes ended up being a little "packier" than i like.  last night i tried a german chocolate cupcake recipe and they were much lighter and pretty tasty.  but i have one more recipe that i want to try.  it is my mom's chocolate bundt cake w/ chocolate chips.  it is super moist b/c it has pudding in the recipe.  so, i am going to try making cupcakes with it...i'll let you know how it turns out! 
cupcakes are just too cute...there are a hundred ways you can dress them up!  the dessert bar at sarah's wedding celebration will be super cute....can't wait to share more pics/ideas of the desserts!
happy cupcake eating!!!

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