Friday, October 9, 2009

grandma nita's soup

monday was a little on the cool side and cloudy which put me in the soup mood for dinner.  last year for christmas my mom gave me an awesome gift...a binder with all of her and many of my grandmother's recipes.  this is awesome b/c i am constantly calling here asking for one recipe or another...i am typically in the grocery store at the time.  not to say i don't still do that...she has a great memory...she almost always knows exactly what i need!  sooo...monday night i pulled out my recipe binder and flipped to the soup section and say "grandma nita's soup" and thought that would be perfect. 

now, if you haven't figured out already, you soon will...i never really follow a recipe to the 'T'.  i almost always end up tweaking it some way or another.  sometimes it's b/c i don't have the ingredients and sometimes it's just b/c i think it sounds good.  so....below you will find the actual recipe and then i will explain what i changed. 

grandma nita's soup......
1# {pound} ground beef
1 medium onion chopped
2 stalks celery chopped
2 cans whole kernel corn {or you can use frozen}
1 jar of V8 vegetable juice
3 or 4 potatoes diced
1/2 bag of shredded or sliced carrots
1 can peas
salt, pepper & garlic salt to taste

brown ground beef and drain off fat.  return beef to pan, add onion, celery, potatoes and carrots.  cook for 5 minutes.  add V8 juice and 2 cups of water.  cook until potatoes are almost done, then add corn and peas.  serve with cornbread.

now, on my soup, i used 1 sweet potato instead of 3 or 4 regular potatoes b/c mymichael absolutely hates regular potatoes....i know...weird!  but, let me tell you, those sweet potatoes were AMAZING in the soup!  i also used frozen corn and only put 1/2 a can of peas...b/c really....i hate peas.  i also addes bell pepper to the list of veggies and a can of regular stewed tomatoes.  i bought the 6-pack of V8 cans and used two of those cans instead of the 1 jar.  other than that...i added lots of garlic salt, kosher salt & black pepper b/c we like our food well seasoned! 

as mentioned before, this is great to serve with cornbread....and that folks is a completely different post!

we give this recipe:

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  1. Wow! That sounds really good, I can't wait to try it, a perfect winter dish.


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