Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tasty must have {sandwich thins}

these are one of the best inventions in my opinion!  they are "sandwich thins" and they are yummy AND only 1 Weight Watchers point for the top and bottom piece.  I use these for sandwiches, hamburgers, mini pizza's, spread with nutella {that's a whole other post} and banana or strawberry slices for a sweet snack, and the list goes on and on.  i buy these at my local target, but i am sure they are available at other grocery stores as well.  they come in whole wheat and multi-grain...both are good. 

it's a great way to have a sandwich/snack/etc. without wasting 200 calories on bread.  i mean, if i am going to waste calories on bread {which i frequently do} i want it to be fresh baked, slathered with garlic and butter kind of bread...not something that you really don't taste b/c of all the other things on it.  anyways....just my opinion!

we give these:

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  1. dave and i love these too! thanks to you! thanks for the great suggestions as always...


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