Tuesday, October 6, 2009

carissa turns 30!

i'm telling you...this was a super busy weekend!  saturday i got to have fun and celebrate my friend carissa turning the big 3-0.  dinner at mcgill's, the king las vegas suite at the hard rock hotel & a private table at friction...it was a fantabulous girl's night!  i have to tell you...this girl has more close friends than just about anyone i have seen.  we had a private room for dinner that 23 of us squeezed into....and that's not everyone!  it was awesome getting to see her have fun with all the different girls from her life...childhood to high school to college to graduate school to church to her kid's preschool mom's.  how fun to celebrate with everyone you love the most.

i personally fit into her high school category.  i met carissa through sarah who had grown up with carissa.  she was a couple of years older than us, so carissa would drive sarah and i over to the high school for musical practice....and get this she drove us in a purple chevy cavalier...with a sunroof....and a cd player....while listening to the romeo & juliet soundtrack {love me, love me, say that you love me...you know the words!}.   that's right...go ahead and say it...we were cool {or so we thought}!  good memories.

so here are some pics from the evening, including lauren doing the single ladies dance!

{our rockin' suite...i love the carpet!}

{mcgill's for dinner}

{i told you there were a bunch of us!}

{a little single lady action from lauren!}

thanks for a great night carissa!

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  1. Love it girl! THANKS SO MUCH for being there to celebrate with me and for taking pics for me. Love you girl! See you tonight.


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