Monday, October 5, 2009

ella belle {7 days}

sunday afternoon i got to spend some time with one of my college roommates...jayme, her husband les and their adorable baby girl she was only 7 days old and absolutely precious.  tiny...head full of dark hair...dark blue eyes and oh so cuddly!  congratulations to momma and are some pics from the afternoon.  introducing.....
e l l a   b e l l e 

{anyone that knows me knows that i am in love with big flower headbands!}

{love the baby look great jayme!}

{these are quite possibly my two favorite minute she was NOT happy...the next she is asleep on daddy's arm}

{a super proud daddy}

{aren't they a beautiful family?}

{a special bracelet for miss ella belle}

congrats to the o'brien's!


  1. yay! what a precious baby. love the big flower and tutu, so cute. as usual you did a fantastic job! can't wait to see the pics from this weekend...

  2. Alayna you did an amazing job! They are perfect! Thanks for sharing! :-)


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