Wednesday, October 21, 2009

masyn grayce {pumpkin patch pics}

more of sweet   m a s y n   !  we found out very quickly that she does NOT like hay.  so we had to be a little bit creative...considering most pumpkin patches have a lot of hay!  she is great with the camera...smiles for you and everything.  check out her pics...

isn't her lady bug costume adorable?  made by her momma!

these three are probably my favorites....i   l o v e   her eyes!

thanks misty for letting me take pics of sweet masyn...she is absolutely precious!!!!


  1. alayna these are G R E A T!!!! I am so happy about these! I have already texted and emailed everyone telling them to check them out! THANK YOU!!

  2. I love the b&w one on the very top set, bottom middle, where she is holding the pumpkin up to her face and has that little smirk. SO CUTE! Great job.

  3. thanks girls....she's a pretty cute model!


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