Friday, October 2, 2009

this is what i'm talking about!

Dillard's Shoe Sale

you can't beat 70% off plus an ADDITIONAL 40% off!

this is why i love Dillard's:
-they have awesome sales
just a couple of weeks ago they had all their swim wear on a great sale...pieces for $7.99 and $9.99 (they probably still have some left). 
-their home department has great sales as well throughout the year....400 thread count sheets for $29!  complete comforter/sham/bed skirt sets for $60!
-shoe sales...just bought a pair for $15!
-oh...and i can't forget the purse's they have...and yes...they clear those out as well!

most of their sales tend to be towards the end of each season w/ the largest sales at the end of summer and then winter.  my parents are huge dillards shoppers and always seem to scope out the good deals first...i'll try and pass it along as well.

GAP is just as great at sales.  growing up when we would shop there, mom wouldn't buy it unless it was $14.99 or under b/c give it a couple weeks and they would drop the price {trust me, it drove me crazy then, funny how now i appreciate it and do the same thing}.  once she did buy something if the price went down w/in two weeks she could go back, present her receipt and get the difference back!  How cool is that?

so the moral of this story is:
be a smart shopper and don't pay full price. 
trust me, it is MUCH more exciting when you find a great deal!
what great deals have you found recently???


  1. i love this blog! pottery barn kids ALWAYS have great steals! i just bought a 100 dollar shelf for 29 dollars! i've had my eye on it for a while~ also, i bought my daughters rug 60% off from there. i have been having the same luck w/pottery barn also!

  2. thanks! yes, pottery barn has great sales as well. i don't frequent the kids one as much, but the regular one has great finds most of the time!


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