Thursday, October 22, 2009

osu homecoming

last weekend was OSU's homecoming.  each year mymichael and i try and venture down to stillwater for all of the festivities.  this year sarah got to come with us and experience homecoming for the first time.  if you haven't ever been to stillwater for homecoming, you really should go at least once.  basically the whole town turns into one large party.  around campus there are competitions of all sorts going on, floats, house decks, etc.  below are some pictures of the house decks.  these things are pretty awesome...check out the detail!

most of the streets around campus are actually closed friday night for "walk around", and they are filled with tons of people, food, and all sorts of vendors.  everyone is wearing orange and having a blast reminising all of their college memories and thinking to themselves, "has it really been THAT long since we graduated?  gosh, i feel old!". 
it's also fun to spot all the "trends" that students are favorite {not really} were all the little girl bows that COLLEGE girls were wearing in their hair.  i found it quite odd.  now, i am all about the hair accessories, a cute feather or flower on a headband, etc.  but they were sporting little bows that you would normally see on a super cute 3 year isn't quite so cute on a 19 year old....just sayin'. 
mymichael posed the question to sarah and i, "do girls dress for practicality or for fashion/style?"  he asked this b/c it was quite chilly friday night and there were girls wearing uber short skirts w/ boots, girls wearing stiletto high heels, and girls wearing strapless shirts...while walking around in 45 degree weather.  it was obvious that those girls were not dressing for practicality!  whatever floats your boat i suppose, but i was sure happy i got to wear my big warm coat for the first time of the season.

so friday night we got to enjoy walkaround and then we met up with my sister and headed to murphy's where sarah got a really creepy long stare while standing in line to get in, i got kissed by NOT mymichael, kelsi got treatedto some free drinks by a really random guy and we all got really bad drinks.  so all in all friday was fun!
saturday we tailgated at michael and carissa's rv...or luxury home on wheels.  it was super fun getting to hang out, relax, eat yummy food, eventually watch the game and roast marshmallows.


gotta love homecoming!!!!!

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  1. LOVE IT! Lauren and I were in agreement about the slutty dressers. We were shocked by the way some of the girls were dressed to go to a football game....SERIOUSLY?!?! Walking across campus to a football game in high heels can NOT be comfortable.


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